I am now pursuing a Journey of the Mind, going to Extremes that we, as Humans are afraid to. If I have words in my Mouth that describes the Reality of Life, most of it will not be easy to listen to – my words will irritate you, trouble you, haunt you and at the most will make you Restless. Be prepared, or just give up. I am Working towards the Eradication of Misconceptions in the Minds of the Young Generation of Today’s World…….

ALDRIN MATHEW – 10/03/2019 – 11:47 PM


As I have lived for almost 21 years (exactly 21 years on 23rd June 1998 – I don’t Celebrate my Birthday – others also doesn’t Celebrate my Birthday – funny, isn’t it?), and as I have observed the World through many different angles, I feel pity for others – Not for their actions, but for a less-obvious reason. I feel pity for others as they have essentially become a part of the system and have failed to Protect their Personal Integrity during that Transition.

I Dream of a World without Countries and I am trying hard so that one day it will be something more than a Dream. Let me ask you: What is Natural about Boundaries? Hoping to find an answer to that question? Dream on…….

13/03/2019 – 6:55 PM to 7:03 PM

If you suddenly ask me for names of people who have sacrificed their dreams as they have become part of the system, then I might not have any names to tell you. There are 2 reasons for that: One is that I don’t know that many people who have sacrificed their Dreams (but I do know enough). The other important reason is that, YOU can provide better Real-Life examples of people who have sacrificed their Dreams as they have become a part of the system. All of YOU know Hundreds if not Thousands, of people who have paid a Huge price on their Transition to a Being of the Society (you know, being one of the Herd). If you are ready to speak up, CONTACT ME. Or else, witness the Typical Robotic Human Life of the 21st Century……..

Some person bought my eBook once u0026amp; after 2 days bought the Paperback Version. This is to that person: “I will apologize for the First Time, but the Second Time is on you”…….

I will not recommend any of my Books (currently, there is only One Book, but you know, whatever). I have given you the warning. If you ignore this and go ahead and read my Book, then that’s on you.