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Definition of TIME – Something you don’t bother to think about

Logically, the Definition of Time is something that each and every Human Being who is interested in Time Travel should know beforehand. You may also think that this Post is pretty late in this Website since I have already published many Posts related to Time Travel. But trust me, A LOT of people who are fascinated about Time Travel fails to answer the Very Basic Question about Time: WHAT IS TIME? And I will never say that NOT knowing anything about the Definition of Time, while one is fascinated about Time Travel, is a Bad thing. That’s because it is True.

You need not have to know the Definition of Time to be “qualified” to be fascinated about Time Travel (I don’t know if anyone else have stumbled on to that)…….

What is Time Travel? The Definition is Simple!!

This is one of the Simplest Questions related to Time Travel. But this is not the most popular one. It is pretty late for me…

Expectation of Time Travelers from the Future

Time Travel is no more an Impossibility. At least, Time Travel to the Future is not Impossible. The Validity and Scope of the Concept of…

What is String Theory?

String Theory is actually classified as a Theory of Everything. It means that String Theory is formulated or developed so as to explain each and every Phenomenon in the Universe and the theory has already been able to predict the Existence of Multiverses.

Einstein’s Equations clearly showed that Space is more of like a Multidimensional Fabric. His Equations stated that Space can be bend, BUT IT CAN NEVER BE TORN (RIPPED) APART.

The Importance of the String Theory is that it makes the Ripping/Tearing of the Fabric of Space-Time POSSIBLE. In order to Understand this better, you have to be able to look at the Changes in the Space-Time Fabric in the Atomic Level. The String Theory says that Einstein might be wrong about the Tearing of Space-Time.

What’s the Problem with the Big Bang?

The Big Bang Theory explains the Beginning of the Universe as: In the beginning, Universe was just a Bubble which was so small, that it…

Problem with the 4-Dimensional Space-Time

Albert Einstein supported the Concept of 4-Dimensional Space. He visualized the Universe as a 4-Dimensional Fabric – like a Cloth which is expanded in 4…