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Beginning of the Evolution Concept and its Impact on the Audience

Evolution was, and is the Answer provided by Science and by some Scientists when people ask “If there is no God, then what created all Living Beings on Earth?” It is this Answer of Science that has now created a disturbing Split between Biologists around the World. Some of you might still believe that Evolution is the Explanation of how Life formed as we see it now. I too believed that Evolution is True. But as I went deeper into the Subject, my Mind started to doubt its Authenticity.

Impact of Evolution on the Audience


In 1859, when Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of the Species” and when the Book gained a lot of attention and became part of Scientific Research around the World, people found it difficult to believe that Apes were the Ancestors of Human Beings. Darwin hardly mentioned anything about Ape-to-Human Evolution in his Book, but his Book became the Ultimate Reason for the beginning of that theory. But years after that, People slowly started to accept the Idea, because Science provided REASONS which were simple enough to convince Common people around the Globe. While in Reality, the REASONS were enough to convince even Brilliant Minds.