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Writing & A CUP OF TEA

The Joy of being involved in the Process of Writing can simply be described through the same process. It’s not Strange that if you ever get to write a Book or an Article and if you can Enjoy that Process, then you will try hard to Write again. You will be frustrated if you can’t get to Write when you feel to. It’s similar to the situation when you have a cup which has tea up to its Brim, but you don’t have a Saucer to place the cup on. You will tensed that the tea will be spilled on the floor if you don’t place it on a Saucer. You can’t move your Cup and you will try hard to keep your hands still. But when you try to be still, your hands will start to vibrate, out of your hands’ stiffness and your tension.
It is essential to find a place to place your Content. Because if you can’t, then your Content will eventually be lost (spill of) and being still (trying to keep your Content intact) will be useless.
Clearly, the content that you have been reading till now actually reveals my Mental state (or at least I was trying to).
Having written a Book is not enough for me. I am frustrated to work on my Second Book and I am tensed that I am not able to get an Ambience from my Family.
I am pretty sure that such an Ambience will heal my Mind and will eventually help me to provide better content…….
I Enjoy Writing like I enjoy the Chill of the Wind that flows aside my Face……. It’s Frustrating when you have SO MUCH to Speak out to the World, but still your Family want your Concentration to be confined within the Process of just Studying well and getting a Good Job…….

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