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What is Time Travel? The Definition is Simple!!

This is one of the Simplest Questions related to Time Travel. But this is not the most popular one. It is pretty late for me to answer this Question in this Blog, because I have already made many posts related to Time Travel. The Technical definition of Time Travel is simple:

TIME TRAVEL is the Transfer of Mass or Energy from a Point/Instance in Time (which is always the Present), to another Point in Time (either in the Past or in the Future)…….

time travel vortex

That is, so as to perform Time Travel, all you have to do is Transfer a Group/Collection of Mass or Energy from the Present, either to the Past or to the Future. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. The Reality behind the Concept is not as Simple as it sounds. It was “The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells published in 1895 that introduced this Amazing Concept. Since then, the Concept have been subject for A LOT of Novels, Films… and it also became a Field of Research in Science.

This Field of Science is a major Topic of Discussion and Research and provides a lot of Scope. The Concept, as depicted by Movies and Novels is FASCINATING and INSPIRING. But the Reality of Time Travel is far more different than that. The phenomenon involved is much more Complex and introduces a lot of Paradoxes.

The next post answers the Most Popular Question related to Time Travel: IS TIME TRAVEL REALLY POSSIBLE?


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