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Problem with the 4-Dimensional Space-Time

Albert Einstein supported the Concept of 4-Dimensional Space. He visualized the Universe as a 4-Dimensional Fabric – like a Cloth which is expanded in 4 Dimensions.

In 1905, using the Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein proved that the Speed of Light in Empty Space is a Constant. Einstein’s Equations clearly showed that both the Shape of SPACE and the Measurement of TIME simultaneously changed for Observers who have different Relative Velocities (in Scientific Terms, Observers who have Different Inertial Frames of Reference).

The Concept of Space-Time is that it is a 4 Dimensional Fabric which makes up the whole Universe and 3 Dimensions of Space-Time belongs to (or is represented by) Space, and One Dimension is that of Time.

I am just a High School Graduate and I am not supposed to Argue with ALBERT EINSTEIN, but I am forced to Point out a Loophole or a Problem that I found in the Concept of Space-Time.

In 4-Dimensional Space-Time, Space is represented by 3 Dimensions. What that should be noted is that Space represents the Position of Mass in the Universe. Space represents Volume of Objects. That makes it a Dimension. The Problem arises when I pose a Question about Time. If Time is a Dimension, then what is contained in Time? What does the “Dimension” of Time represent? If your Answer is that Time contains the State of an Object, then you are wrong. The state of an Object is defined by it’s Position and Mass which can be represented by Space and Gravity. If nothing is contained in Time, then how can it be a Dimension?

That’s when we have to Consider Time, not as a Dimension, but as a Direction through which the Universe exists…….

Don’t agree with me? Share your Opinion in the Comments Section below…….

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