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Misconception about Knowledgeable People

I have always known about this Matter. But I have never spoke to anyone about this and never tried to make People aware of this Misconception. I believe that the Usage of the word “Nerd” is purely out of our Knowledge about our minds…….

Knowledgeable people around the Globe have been Stereotyped and been discriminated by using a word “NERD” through Vocal Communication, Television, Films, and all other Sorts of Media. The manner in which this System became a part of our Lifestyle is rather simple and reveals the CROOKEDNESS of Human Minds.

Psychology behind this Practice

psychology - knowledgable people

Believe it or not, most of us Humans are Jealous when someone else shares their Opinion (which is better than yours), or when they try to tell you something new or teach you. This is the basic reason behind this Practice. Knowledgeable people were teased and discriminated by others when they tried to correct and teach others about things they knew about. The word “NERD” was a better and shorter Version of Teasing. There are no Nerds in this World. People who were irritated by Knowledgeable people created that Classification so as to tease them.

Contribution of Films and Other Media

Films and other Media have had the most to do with the Increase of Popularity of this Practice. Over years, films treated and showed Knowledgeable people as Boring and Weird. Films increased the use of the word “NERD”. Films created an Impression that Knowing things is Bad and that People who knew many. Rather than thinking about it, Common people followed this practice and teased others when they had the chance to.

What’s with the People?

I should say that people are not going to get rid of this Practice any sooner. Almost everyone (especially the Young Generation) thinks that having Good Knowledge about various things around us is a bad thing. They don’t want their Friends to Tease them like they teased others. This Attitude should change, or else, we will have a Generation where Knowledgeable People are considered as bad ones. If this System continues, then we will not be able to see Intelligent Humans in the Future Generations. Because if they are teased and discriminated, then they will stop gaining Knowledge, out of their Fear of the Society and their Surroundings. As time passes, they will become Less Intelligent and will eventually become a part of the same System. I have seen a lot of Intelligent People who later became different and started to consider Learning as a bad thing.

Almost all of us are living in Democratic countries and these are discriminations we haven’t thought about yet. For the common People, teasing Knowledgeable people is fun and will prevent them from Speaking again and saying better things. Also, people find this as an Opportunity to make others laugh and thereby, Increase their Popularity…….

I pray to God that no Knowledgeable People shall be Discriminated again, because what they are doing is Good! They are just sharing what they know. All you have to do is hear them…….

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