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God as a Scientific Possibility – Faith Over the Years

Technological and Scientific Development are the most contributing factors to the Common belief that, as far as Science is concerned, God is not Real. But a deeper Observation forces us to ask: Isn’t God Real?

Concept of God


As far as Science can find out, God is Man’s Creation. In the Ancient times, Humans with limited Knowledge about their Surroundings had the tendency to believe that Powers or Concepts superior to him should be Worshiped – this is the Explanation that Science has about the Origin and Nature of most of the Religions of the World. Well, in some cases, Science is right. Ancient Humans found Sun, Moon, Stars and other mysterious objects to be mighty and powerful. You will really be able to find this in many Religions in the world. But if you are really into this Field and are ready to dig a little deeper, then you will be able to find that there are some Religions we cannot include in this Category.

Some people worshiped other People who were known for particular abilities or powers. An example would be Buddha (Did Buddha really started a Religion? I believe that what he started or created was a Respectable Lifestyle which requires Exceptional Patience and Peace of Mind). Some other Religions have weird stories and characters that anyone would find illogical and absurd. Some Religions blend in with the Culture of a Place and becomes invalid or meaningless with a change in the Geographical Location. There are even religions with Gods who fight with each other.

But there is a Dedicated Field of Study known as Theology that explores the Applicability of Faith in Real Life. But I am not going to talk about Theology here. Keeping it aside, let us consider an Ideal God. How would God be like?

God as seen in this Century


Based on Logical Derivations and Compulsory Modifications, we will be able to find or devise an Ideal Picture of God. This is the reason that a lot of young people in this Century are becoming Atheists. Well, as a matter of fact they themselves have been dragged out of the right path.

In this Modern World of Development and Technology, Faith is more like a Luxury than a Necessity. Most teenagers now believe in Science and not in a Creator. Over the years, a Sick Misconception have been injected into the Minds of the Common People that Science contradicts the very Concept of a Creator. In this Modern world, even people with Limited Knowledge about Science believes that a Creator is a Scientific Impossibility. And they don’t have any good reason to do that. Most of them it illogical and absurd. The remaining people blindly believe others’ words about Science. Some people hate God and/or Stop believing in God because they had a Bad or Negative Experience in their Life. They regret believing in God or they hate him for any Bad events that happened in their Life.

What’s with Science?


Have you ever wondered if Science really Contradicts the Concept of God? Have you ever asked a Scientist or an Advocate of Atheism if he or she had any Proof for not believing in God? If you haven’t, then you should never say that Science disproves or contradicts the possibility of a Creator. The Actual problem in this Situation is that Science has not yet considered God as a Scientific Possibility. Over the years, as Science grew into a Honorable necessity, people started to ignore the need for a Creator. They thought that there is no point in believing in a Creator.

In our world, most people don’t believe in God without any Reason. They do so because they were told so, by Scientists and other people. They have no Personal Experience with God and hence they tend to Believe in the Impossibility of a Creator.

You might have met a lot of Scientists, Physicists and Researchers. Have you ever met a person who does Scientific Research just to prove the Validity of a Creator. The chances are very lean. Have you observed those people who are very much devotional? If such people ever get a chance to learn, involve or research in Science, then there is a higher chance that he or she later becomes an Atheist or eventually becomes less devotional.

Psychology behind this Pattern


Why is that so? The Psychology (I am using the word “Psychology” because this Situation involves People who are interpreting what Science has to offer) behind this Pattern is very simple. You know, when we are believing in God, we picture the World as a Unique place in the Universe and see Humans as a whole. We will see Humans with Emotions and Life, and we will have a Simple belief that Humans are special on this planet. On the other hand, when Science interferes, this Picture will eventually fade away. As a person gets more closer to Science, it teaches him that Earth is not a Special place on this Universe and that Humans are just not Special among all other Creatures in this World. Science eventually teaches man that EMOTIONS are just the Result of Chemical Reactions in our bodies.

Science does not disprove God. And we have a problem that contributes to this Situation. It’s not about the Reality! It’s about how Science delivers the Reality to us Humans…….

There still are things that Science cannot Understand and explain. There are things that Science is wrong about. Remember, Science is a collection of Ideas, Concepts and Opinions which were introduced by various people. It consists of Theories, Hypotheses, and Assumptions and things that even Scientists are not sure about.

Atheists usually ask for the proof for the Validity of God, but a better one would be: Do you Atheists really have any Solid Proof that there is no God?

Science and Scientists have not yet considered GOD as a Scientific Possibility. That’s the Problem. Let’s Live for a Personal Experience with God…….

Atheists usually list the reasons about why one shouldn’t believe in God. Well, there are Infinite Number of Reasons that you should believe in God!! And I am going to list some of those reasons in my Next Post. SUBSCRIBE (the Sidebar has the Subscription form OR SCROLL DOWN if you are reading in a Smartphone) and be Notified when my Posts are published…….

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