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God is not Evil for Creating Leprosy

This Post about GOD is actually an Answer to a Facebook Post I saw in a Group named “Creation Evolution Debate

The Post is as follows:

If leprosy bacteria were intelligently designed, why did the same intelligent designer design our immune system, then have to design this nasty work-around so leprosy could harm us?

LEPROSY turns the Immune System against itself, Study Finds:

The Author of the Post is trying to imply that God is Evil since he created a Disease and that he is not Intelligent since he created the Immune System to fight Leprosy which on the other hand is not able to. So I scrolled down to the Comments Section to see Comments from Various Atheists and Creationists. I was actually typing the Contents of this Post as a Comment, but then I thought of making it a Post in this Site. So as I read various Comments, I became frustrated because I knew that what Atheists wrote there were wrong and I wanted to Convey my Idea very quickly.

THOUGHT TO THE PERSON WHO MADE THE ACTUAL POST: Yet in a Video Game, the Designers create a Villain for a Hero so that the Villain can make troubles and Hero can solve them. Similarly, in a film, there is a Hero and a Villain and both the Hero and the Villain fights against each other and involves in each other’s matters…….
So why bother Designing a Game or Producing a Film that contains Characters who fight against each other? It would be better if there wasn’t a Game at all…….
ANSWER TO THE PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED: All atheists are arguing under the Understanding that Disease is a Bad thing. Their Point is that if God created a Disease, then he is not Perfect, he is not Intelligent, and he is not Good but Evil. But then, riddle me this: How are you saying that having created a Disease makes God Imperfect? How are you saying that God is Evil because he created a Disease? How can you possibly say that God is capable of doing Sins? How is creating a Disease, a Sin? Disease is bad for us and our Body.
Sin is a Moral Understanding and Interpretation. If a Person kills people or he spreads a disease or he designs a new Disease, then he is doing a Sin. But then we are talking about PEOPLE. PEOPLE are given the Freedom to choose. Whatever people do can either be classified as Good or Bad. God created the PEOPLE on the Earth. He is not one of them. God created a System (Universe) consisting of various Elements. He wants to see how the System work out. He wants to see how various Elements of the System interact with each other. “SIN” applies only to Humans. You cannot Judge the Actions of God because those are Neutral and that is clear even without a Judgment. Whatever God does is not a Sin because all he does is interacting with his own Creation. THE FOLLOWING EXAMPLE WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND IT…….

If an Author is writing a Novel, then he or she might Create various Characters that are of different Nature. These Characters might interact with each other in any way. The Author can design a Character according to his wish. A Character might be blind, another one may have horns, a Girl might get raped in the Novel. Will anyone Blame the Author that he or she did a SIN by creating the Characters so? In this Situation (I mean, in the case of Humans), there is only One Difference: We have free will! So Unlike the Novel, we can actually Blame the Author for creating a Character so or for doing something.

But even then, is the Author Guilty?

By saying that God is Evil for creating Diseases, Atheists are actually implying something that can be compared to: Since J. K. Rowling wrote HARRY POTTER Series, she should also be Subject to Magic. But then, Magic is just in her Novel, isn’t it…….?

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