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Definition of TIME – Something you don’t bother to think about

Logically, the Definition of Time is something that each and every Human Being who is interested in Time Travel should know beforehand. You may also think that this Post is pretty late in this Website since I have already published many Posts related to Time Travel. But trust me, A LOT of people who are fascinated about Time Travel fails to answer the Very Basic Question about Time: WHAT IS TIME? And I will never say that NOT knowing anything about the Definition of Time, while one is fascinated about Time Travel, is a Bad thing. That’s because it is True.

You need not have to know the Definition of Time to be “qualified” to be fascinated about Time Travel (I don’t know if anyone else have stumbled on to that)…….

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We are all subject to Time. Everything in this Universe is subject to Time. And we all are short of Time. Still, most of us humans don’t bother to think about and discover the True Meaning of Time. It’s Strange though. This world is indeed crooked and cursed now. But still, the thought that we Humans forget to think about Time while it is the only thing in our Life that is constant, surprises me.

So, what is Time? This question have separated a lot of Physicists and have created quite a Controversy in the Scientific World, during the last Century. The Definition of Time, as a matter of fact, is simple enough to be explained in One Sentence.

TIME is the Continuous Existence of the Universe. The Universe just doesn’t Exist, it is CONTINUING TO EXIST and that Continuation is TIME. As simple as that is, the Visualization of the same is very Complex……..

If there was only One Instance of the Universe, then there would not have been Movement of Particles. But there are many Simultaneous Instances of the Universe and hence the Continuation. There would not be me typing this Sentence and there would not be you reading this Sentence, if there was just a Single Instance of Time. The Visualization is pretty tricky, but is very useful…….


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