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Beginning of the Evolution Concept and its Impact on the Audience

Evolution was, and is the Answer provided by Science and by some Scientists when people ask “If there is no God, then what created all Living Beings on Earth?” It is this Answer of Science that has now created a disturbing Split between Biologists around the World. Some of you might still believe that Evolution is the Explanation of how Life formed as we see it now. I too believed that Evolution is True. But as I went deeper into the Subject, my Mind started to doubt its Authenticity.

Impact of Evolution on the Audience


In 1859, when Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of the Species” and when the Book gained a lot of attention and became part of Scientific Research around the World, people found it difficult to believe that Apes were the Ancestors of Human Beings. Darwin hardly mentioned anything about Ape-to-Human Evolution in his Book, but his Book became the Ultimate Reason for the beginning of that theory. But years after that, People slowly started to accept the Idea, because Science provided REASONS which were simple enough to convince Common people around the Globe. While in Reality, the REASONS were enough to convince even Brilliant Minds.

I mean, if they weren’t convinced to believe in Evolution, then how can we justify 150+ years of Research in the Field of Evolution alone. The Evolution theory was opposed by many people at the time of its Origin. But now, as we are living in the Golden Age of Technological and Scientific Development, we can see Millions or even Billions of people across the Globe who believes in the Concept of Evolution. How did this Concept gained so much attention?

Education is to be Blamed (Sorry, but seems like it helped)


Well, the 19th and the 20th Centuries were the period when Education started to become a Priority across the Globe. Also, only a few Scientific Minds opposed the Concept of Evolution when it was introduced and popularized. And the Royal Society was one of the well-recognized Scientific Institutions during the 20th Century. So the Concept easily got into the Education System. The British Colonization, the World Wars and Technological Advancements around the World contributed a lot into the Popularization of the Education System. And as Education became a Necessity rather than a Luxury, the Concept of Education was presented nicely to Students all over the World. Just like we see Students in this Century, back then, Students didn’t ask for much reason to believe in an Academic Concept. The Concept eventually got into the Minds of Millions of Students around the World and was passed on to the Next Generations. The Improvements in the Education System only helped the Concept and within no Time, the Concept of Evolution was recognized as a Reasonable and a Satisfying Theory by Biologists around the World.

 People were easily convinced (At least, some of them)


Thanks to Newspapers and Journals, this Concept was easily announced to the Public and subsequently became a part of Daily Conversations of Common people. But, that was not what that contributed the most. When this Subject was introduced into the Education System and Students learned it and were easily convinced, they had discussions with their Family Members and Friends and Relatives about the Concept of Evolution. People with limited knowledge about this Concept and people who had a Strong Religious Background tend to not believe in what such Students said and tried to establish that they were wrong. So, the Students who initially wanted just to introduce the concept so as to create an Idea that they were Intelligent, now started to make a point and prove it. When the discussions became serious and Students presented Scientific Facts in the Simple ways, other people in the discussion started to believe that the Students actually have a Point. Simple Minds, out of their Concern that they might be belittled by their Son, Daughter, Friend or Relative (Student, in general) retreated from Questioning the Students’ Logic. Some among the Brilliant Minds showed the Courage to question the Logic, but some other minds feared that they themselves might be proved wrong in front of people and since they wanted to maintain their status as an Intelligent Person, they avoided protesting and hence took Safe Stands…….

There are more Reasons and Evidences so as not to Believe in Evolution. As for the famous Ape-to-Human Evolution Theory, there are many Disturbing and Surprising Studies (Topic for my Next Post) from around the Globe which were led by Graduates from Famous Universities (if that’s what you need to make people believe). Stop Blindly Believing in what the Textbook tells you! Question the Logic behind Evolution!! Atheists usually say that they don’t see any Evidence to believe in God – why can’t you turn back and look carefully whether or not Science have Solid Evidence for establishing the Validity of Evolution…….?!

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