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Afraid Of Darkness

Note: I was thinking about Darkness, when I suddenly thought about people who are Afraid Of Darkness. At first, I thought that there is no Reasonable Logic behind this Fear. But then, I was able to find the Psychological Side of this Fear – the Secret behind this Popular Phobia. The funny part is that I started writing this Poem before finding out that Secret. As I was completing the Poem, I found out the Logic behind this Fear and included that in the Poem.

“Afraid Of Darkness” – by Aldrin Mathew

Nothing I am Afraid of,

that being the very Problem.

I am Afraid Of Darkness, as I am

the Logic confuses me, as always
and is Unknown and Strange.


What is there to be afraid of, I ask
for Darkness is nothing but nothing
No Light there is, I know
And I see Nothing, I know
I am Afraid of Uncertainty, but that being Uncertain.


jumping from Darkness, comes the Scary Monster
I closed my eyes to kill my fear
and opened them to see a Shadow.
Oh my God! It was my damn Shirt!!
Oh my God! What am I afraid of?


What do you see? Nothing, I say
What is your Fear? Nothing, I know
You see nothing, you feel nothing
What are you Afraid of? I dare ask you!


I am not Afraid of Darkness, as always!
The Light, Uncertain and Unexpected
the Light, lying in the Depths of Darkness…
Oh my God! That’s what scares me!
Oh my God! I am terrified!!!


Stanza 1: The Poem is like a Personal Narrative. The Person is saying that he is Afraid of Nothing. Nothing in the sense that Darkness consists of Nothing. He is afraid of Darkness and he is confused with his own Logic for doing that. He finds that the reason behind his fear is Unknown and Strange.

Stanza 2: He is asking himself: What is there to be afraid of? He is declaring that Darkness consists of Nothingness. There is no light and he sees nothing, he says. He is admitting that he is Afraid of Uncertainty – and he is uncertain about that too.

Stanza 3: The Person describes a Scary Monster as he sees it. The Monster jumps out of Darkness and the person closes his eyes to hide and kill his fear. But then he slowly opens his eyes and see a Shadow. When he observed closely, he realised that the Shadow was from his Shirt. He suddenly asks himself: What am I afraid of?

Stanza 4: The Person is asking himself about what he is seeing. He answers himself that he is seeing nothing. He then asks himself about what his Fear really is. He answers himself that he doesn’t know what his Fear is. His Conscience questions the Logic behind his Fear by saying that he is Seeing Nothing and he is Feeling Nothing and asks him what he is afraid of.

Stanza 5: The Person, compelled by his Conscience, Fear and his Surroundings finds the Answer he has been searching for. He declares that he is not Afraid of Darkness. He finds out the Logic and Secret behind his Fear. The Light which is Uncertain and Unexpected and the light which is hidden in the Depths of Darkness is what that Scares him, he says. He declares the reason behind his Fear and he is Afraid again…….