“In a Sense, we all are Time Travelers! We are Surviving each and every Active Time-Point in this Timeline…….”

Time can neither be called a Villain, nor a Hero – because it is both. Almost Everyone in this World might have had a Negative Experience with Time. At least my Experience with Time and Time Travel was a bit too Exciting and Fascinating…….



Explore the Reality and Discover the Scientific Aspects of Time and Time Travel. Get to know about a New Model of Time and the Universe. Reality is beyond our Knowledge and Imagination. Are you ready to Accept that and Explore the Amazing Concept of Time…….

The Book deals with 3 Different Topics in 3 Different Sections – Life, Mathematics and Time Travel:

1. The First Section of the Book is named INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE and it talks about various Psychological Aspects of Life and criticises the Meaninglessness of Human Life in the Modern World…….

2. The Second Section named TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES synchronizes with the Title of the Book and deals with the Reality and Scientific Aspects of Time and Time Travel. You will be able to know about a New Model of Time and the Universe and will also be able to read about why there were no Actual Time Travel Guests in the STEPHEN HAWKING’S PARTY of 2009 and the TIME TRAVELER CONVENTION of 2005…….

3. The Third Section is named UNIVERSAL SUMMATICAL NUMBERS and it introduces a New Number System to the World of Mathematics. It also contains a REVOLUTIONARY MATHEMATICAL RESULT RELATED TO “Pi that reveals the True Nature of Pi…….