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INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE is just like a Spin-Off (you know, like you see in Films). It is a Separate Book that contains only the First Section of TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES. But since TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES have an Unusual and a Unique Outlook, I have decided to Publish this Book only in my Native Language: MALAYALAM. TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES is more Appealing to the Readers and will surely Surprise them.

My Desire is that everyone in my Homeland should be able to Read my Book. Since INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE is a Book that deals with the Psychological Aspects of Life and criticizes the Meaninglessness of Human Life in the Modern World, the Translation is a little bit easy and seems like a Good Option. So if you want to read INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE in English, then you may try TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES…….


Please note that I didn’t do this so as to get more Profit. I did this only because I was sure that the Existence of INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE as a Separate Book is a Little bit Weak and that it might not gain the Attention it deserves…….