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About Me

Aldrin Mathew (Born 23rd June 1998) is the Author of the Book, TIME TRAVEL Experiences which talks about 3 Different Topics (Life, Mathematics and Time Travel) in Simple Language.

I am from Palakkad, Kerala, India. Born 23rd June 1998, I am the Author of TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES which talks about 3 Different Topics (Life, Mathematics, Time Travel) in Simple Language. My Book consists mostly of the Experiences I had as a Child and as a Student, about Life, Mathematics and Time. My Method of Research is Simple and can be understood by Common People. I used Simple Language in my Book so that more people will be able to Understand and perceive my Ideas. I am currently looking forward to Initiate a Venture comprising my Best Friends, so as to Contribute more to the Society. The Inspiration in my Life that helps me to go on further forward is my Friends and Parents. Friends, in the sense that they Support me the most. Parents, in the sense that they don’t believe in many things I want to do in my Life and I want to Show them (and not prove) that their Son’s Dream was never a Long Shot.


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I went to St. Raphael’s Cathedral School from 2005 and Graduated my High School and Higher Secondary School there. That School contributed the most to my Life (Friends, Good and Bad Experiences, Teachers, Educational Viewpoints). Most of the things written in my Book is out of my Experience as a Young Boy and Student, with Life, Education and various Dimensions of the Society. I am working towards the Overall Development of Mankind and the Eradication of Misconceptions in the Minds of the Young Generation of Today’s World…….
I love to write what I really have the desire to. I am inspired when I have an Experience in my Life. I love to write anything that will help People across the Globe to lead a Good and Unforgettable Life……. is completely designed and maintained by Aldrin Mathew (me).